Our designs take shape after a thorough consideration of all the wishes of the user and an analysis of the local circumstances. Uniqueness of each project is pursued to a high degree. The idea here is that the user and owner get their own recognizable identity.

To be proud of where you live or work, proud of what you as an owner or user can offer your surroundings gives an extra dimension to your experiences. Chinese, Eqyptian, Aztec, Greek, Roman and whichever civilization: up to this day we enjoy what they left us in architecture. Our mind is filled with mystical thoughts and questions about how they used to live. To express ourselves through building is part of our heritage. It is not often that you get the chance to build. It is an amazing experience and a fantastical challenge. Wether it is a complete building, new or old, a restoration or reconstruction, a change in usage, a new interior, a simplification or an expension.

To witness the end result come to fruition is quite an experience. A good result is a privilege to build, the end product becomes a fixed and irrevocable part of our surroundings. It has to be right, radiant and beautiful.